Protection of personal information

Hotani Co., Ltd observes the appropriate laws and other prescriptions in order to respect your privacy and your personal information when using our services.

1.Collecting and utilizing of personal information
hen Hotani obtains personal information from its users, it is collect it in pertinent ways, always stating the purpose for the use of any personal information. Any collection or use of personal information is limited for its purpose.

2.Supplying Personal Information to a Third Party
Hotani does not supply personal information to third parties, except in the following situations.
  1. In the case of a customer’s agreement.
  2. When offering personal information to a third party is allowed by law.
  3. Personal information will never be sold to others. Data is shared with business partners, alliance companies and agencies which have signed privacy contracts with Hotani. This transfer of Personal information is limited to use only for its achieved purpose.
3.Provision of security management for personal information
Hotani observes the appropriate laws regarding the use of personal information.
Hotani prevents unauthorized access, loss, destruction, disclosure or manipulation from its personal information data base system. It strives to provide efficient security management and seeks to solve defects quickly and continuously improve to look the data base.

4.Continuous improvement
Compliance program for protection of personal information is thoroughly known to all Hotani staff and agencies and consistently monitored and improved.

1, October, 2007 constitutions
Chief Executive Officer Akihiko Hotani

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