Other equipment

Hotani also manufactures the equipment that is related to brushing equipment and spray electrolytic equipment.

Wringer Roll Equipment
The equipment is used for sealing water or alkali liquid attached on strip surface. Also, the equipment keeps the pass line which is necessary for the adequate brushing. We provide five kinds of wringer roll equipment depending on the purpose and the budget.
  1. Drawing out method depends on the specification. For the details, please confirm of Wringer Roll Equipment List.

Edge Wiper Equipment
The equipment is installed before dryer in order to dry water coming from both strip edges well.
  1. Edge wiper follows different strip width by edge detecting device.

  2. Strip edges dry out by air. Thus, it does not affect the thickness of strip gauge comparing to wringer roll.

  3. The equipment is attached as one unit. Therefore, it is possible to revamp for the existing equipment.

  4. The equipment is capable of polishing even 0.4mm thickness strip.