Our company aims at a realization of a recycle-based society that makes the most of the limited resources. Also, as an industrial brush roll manufacturer, we fully recognize the significance of the environmental issues, and engage in the invention and manufacturing of the products.

●Realization of the coexistence of the environment and the economy.
Recently, environmental consciousness is arising, and the environmental activities that corporations engage in are also focused on. A variety of attempts is being done in hopes of the two merits, achieving the decrease of industrial wastes and utilizing the limited resources with more efficiency. Then, our company has developed a recycle system, from the viewpoint of protecting the environment of the earth. We consider it as an essential point how much environmental burden can be minimized through the whole efforts. In the meantime, we are creating new economic value, and challenging for a realization of a better coexistence of the environment and the economy.
HOTANI Brush Roll Circulation Type Recycle System