Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Brush Rolls
  1. What kind of Brush Rolls do you manufacture?
  1. We provide full-scale manufacturing Nylon brush rolls to clean and descale the iron or non-ferrous metal coils.

  1. How do you manufacture the brush rolls?
  1. Please take a look at "Brush Rolls" page.

  1. How do you select the brush rolls?
  1. We have the Testing Laboratory to select a brush roll. It is available for any customers to test which brush rolls are suitable. For further questions, please call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department).

  1. I need a quotation for brush rolls.
  1. Please fill the required information in "Inquiry/About Brushes" page or call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department).

  1. Are there any instructions to store brush rolls?
  1. Store the brush rolls in the place avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity because they are made of Nylon. Do not put the brush rolls on the ground directly otherwise it causes the damage of brush bristles.

  1. Is it possible to extend the brush roll life?
  1. The brush roll life is big influenced by the using environment. Please see the following images as one of examples of extending brush roll life. ( Case: Spray for Brush Roll ) It is possible to keep the stable quality of brush rolls to adjust the angles of spray for brush rolls. In addition, there is appropriate spray flow amount depending on types of brush rolls.
    Any further questions, please call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department).
    Image of spray for Brush Roll

Questions about Brushing Equipments
  1. What kind of brushing equipments do you manufacture?
  1. We manufacture brushing equipments to clean and descale the iron and non-ferrous metal coils. For more information, please take a look at "Machinery" page.

  1. Is it possible to fill a Hotani brush roll with an existing brush shaft?
  1. We need the existing shaft drawing to confirm whether it's possible. For further information, please call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department)
    * We strongly recommend using our brushing equipment and our brush rolls in combination in order to maximize the brushing performance.

  1. Where have you sold the brushing equipments so far?
  1. Our brushing equipments are designed for "Space Saving" and are installed at not only Iron/Steel makers but also at non-ferrous metal manufacturer. Recent years, we have many inquires from foreign countries, and installed our equipments in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

  1. I need a quotation for brushing equipments.
  1. Please fill the required information in "Inquiry/About Machinery" call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department).

  1. How do you decide the layout of the equipment?
  1. It depends on the available space. However, we use the Laboratory to determine the layout as well as the specification of the equipment. For further details, please call +81-(0)6-4806-3055 (Sales Department).